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Custom knit scarves

Design a knit scarf with your custom text

Pick a design, choose colors and add text for your custom scarf.
No minimums, single pieces, worldwide delivery


Knit scarf paisley pattern

Design and order online: Knit scarf paisley pattern
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found in the pattern catalog.
Select layout for the text on the scarf .
Enter your custom text.
Choose a font, the font size,
color and outline.
Add your scarf design to the shopping cart.
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      Create a new design.

      Your text knit in a scarf

      What a lovely gift: a custom knit scarf with graphic design and your name or text knit in.
      Design this unique accessoire online and order today. Wildemasche brings you this special offer.

      Short production times

      No need to wait several weeks to have your custom scarf hand knitted. The Wildemasche Design scarf is knitted within a few days, and will ship worldwide. Simple as 1-2-3: enter desired text, choose font type, size and text mode. Then watch the preview and put the design in the cart. Complete the order with the scarf in your cart on our main site

      The perfect gift or present

      Customize your scarf today, and you have the perfect present or gift for your loved ones. For birthday, christmas or any other occasion. The personalized scarf is very special in many ways. As it is knitted, the feeling of wearing it is second to nothing. The design is knit in, so no fading or removal of the design, as it may be the case with printed products. And it is personalized, so you can commemorate special events or occasions important to you and your family.

      News from the knit scarf blog

      Need some inspiration?

      Have a random pattern designs with one click. Go to to see the random scarf design in action. Click to create a new design, and add to your cart. Ordering is easy as 1-2-3.